Healthy Skin Is A Lifestyle!

Healthy Skin Is A Lifestyle! Meritt Allure provides pure, moisturizing body care products, and places an emphasis on prioritizing the health of your skin as well as prioritizing properly moisturizing your skin. Although we are a skincare business, Meritt Allure is a Lifestyle brand. That’s why our motto is, ‘Healthy Skin Is A Lifestyle’. Incorporating healthy habits such as drinking water, eating well, exercising, and de-stressing are equally important. This not only helps our bodies function properly, but keeps our skin moisturized, healthy, and radiant! So, let’s stop waiting until it’s time for vacation, special occasions, summertime, and self-care days to love on and nourish our skin, and show our skin the attention it deserves every day!

Meritt Allure is a pure, moisturizing luxury your skin cannot afford to live without. All of our products are handmade with love in Charlotte, NC. We only use pure, high-quality ingredients, and we have facial & body scrubs, whipped body butter, and body oils that you’ll love!


Meet The Owner

Hi! My name is T’Kiah and I am the owner of Meritt Allure. I initially started my natural skincare journey in 2012 when I first “big chopped” my hair and realized that I could use the products created for my hair on my skin. As I started to make products for my skin and hair, I learned through research, that chemicals used in many skincare products are harmful. However, I really got serious about researching ingredients, understanding the benefits for my skin & hair, and creating pure, natural skincare products when I became pregnant in 2017, especially ingredients that would help me stay moisturized and prevent stretch marks (vain I know LOL). I used the Moisture Luxe Body Butter (formerly known as ‘Mommy Creme’) on my hair, face & body my entire pregnancy, and it kept me moisturized and stretch mark free! I am passionate about skincare and skin health and started Meritt Allure with a desire to create pure, moisturizing body care products, while also understanding the importance of good internal health contributing to healthy and moisturized skin.